Kindly Light Race – Saturday 30th July 2022 – Start Time 1030 

The weather for the race start was ideal at force 3 to 4 from  WSW, dry and mostly sunny. There were only three starters Incus, Kiskadee and MiSue. As the race progressed so the wind strength increased to force 5 with the gusts reaching force 6. There was the usual Bristol Channel  lop associated with wind over tide and plenty of spray  flying about.

All the boats sailed with reefed down genoas and the wind direction allowed a fetch on a close reach  direct to Porlock Bay. The wind lightened in the bay across to the finishing mark laid off the block house at the entrance to the Weir. The mark was kindly laid by members of the Porlock Weir SC including Bill Hogg and Howard Lavis.

The finishing order was the same as the start namely MiSue, Incus and Kiskadee and, as can be seen from the results sheet below, the corrected times resulted in the order remaining unchanged.

Boat NamePYFinishElapsedCorrectedPlace

Holms Race – Saturday 6th August 2022 – Start Time 1130 

The weather for this race was sunny and a light force 2 to 3 SW wind. The lightness of the wind resulted in the OOD deciding that it would be too risky to send the boats around both of the Holms so the course was set to round only Flat Holm to port and then straight back to the finish. This proved to be a wise decision since the boats only just managed to round the island before the turn of the tide.

 There were only three entries namely Kindred Spirit, Kiskadee and Ripple. The reach across tide to Flat holm was a relatively slow affair but the conditions were perfect and enjoyed by all. The close hauled return was achieved without needing to tack and the first to finish was Ripple. However, she was unable to save her time on Kiskadee which was only some 4 minutes behind and the result was as set out below. All competitors enjoyed their time afloat in the perfect sailing conditions.

Boat NameByronFinishElapsedCorrectedPlace
Kindred Spirit109314:49:003:19:003:02:043

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