Saturday 23rd July 2022

Start Time 13:15:00

The weather relented this weekend and allowed us to stage the first cruiser race of the season. The wind was from a south westerly direction and at the start was about force 3. The overcast suggested that there might be some rain later and this occurred several times during the race. The course set by the sailing secretary and his assistant encompassed the North One Fathom buoy, the Weston buoy and the yellow Water Board buoy off Lavernock Point. The start and finish were the usual line in Jacksons Bay.

An entry of six boats was encouraging and they are listed in the result sheet that follows. Following the close hauled start several boats, including MiSue, Kindred Spirit and LesmarII  tacked onto port tack in order to lee bow the flood tide. The remainder stayed initially on starboard tack out into mid channel. There was no clear benefit in either strategy and the leaders when rounding the North One Fathom were Foxstar, MiSue and then Magic.

The leg to the Weston buoy was a beam reach and although some boats had gear problems the leading order remained the same. They were fortunate in avoiding a heavy rain squall that ran eastwards nearer to the Welsh coast and experienced only light rainfall. The next leg to the yellow Water Board buoy was a fairly close reach. On neither of these legs was it advantageous to set spinnakers so those who had not declared these sails effectively gained an advantage. The competitors experienced some heavier rain on this leg.

The final leg was close hauled but the southerly element in the wind direction allowed the boats to lay the course without having to tack. Rain was again experienced and the wind strength increased to an apparent 20 knots (force 5) towards the end of the race. Foxstar was first to finish, followed by MiSue and Magic who were both able to save their time on handicap. The corrected finishing positions are set out below.

After the race everyone who competed agreed that it had been a very good  experience and most enjoyable to return to competition for the first time this year. The trophies and prizes were not distributed after the race because there were few members at the Clubhouse. These will be awarded at some later appropriate function and members will be informed of this in due course.

Boat NamePYFinishElapsedCorrectedPlace
Lesmar II111216:40:163:25:163:04:364
Kindred Spirit1093Retired   

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