Boat-related fees

Boat Owners Fees £54.00
Summer Mooring/Storage – per foot £12.00
Summer Mooring/Storage – per metre £38.00
Winter Storage – per foot £8.00
Winter Storage – per metre £23.00

Miscellaneous Charges

Locker £6.00
Maintenance Levy £46.00
Refundable Key/Fob Deposit £25.00
RNLI £4.00
Standing Order Charge £10.00

WRSA Insurance Fees

WRSA Rowing Fee £15.00
WRSA Junior Fee £6.00

Temporary Membership and Storage Tariff

Temporary Membership (up to 6 months only) £10.00
Temporary moorings / storage up to 30 foot (per Month) £59.00
Temporary moorings / storage over 30 foot (per Month) £69.00
Use of Hoist and Launching Trolley £117 for two-way use.
Boat storage in the open £16 per metre per calendar month (or £4.50 per week)
Boat storage under cover £26 per metre per month (or £7.00 per week).
Storage Cradle To be charged at cost per week
Returnable deposit for Club key and gate fob £25.00

Burgees, Lapel Badges, Caps etc. are available from the Club Secretary.