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Barry Yacht Club Sea Rowing Section aims to provide a fun and social way to enjoy the Barry and Vale of Glamorgan coast line... and the rest of the Welsh Coast. We do this through providing the equipment and guidance needed to allow our members to enjoy the sport of Celtic Long Boat rowing in a safe and rewarding way in some of the most beautiful locations in the UK. We are not a racing club although we do go racing and compete as hard as we can while we are.
We are members of the Welsh Sea Rowing Association and we take part in their Welsh racing league along with numerous other challenge events but most of our time on the water is spend enjoying the sport, the location and a good social atmosphere.

Success at Mumbles for Barry Rowers

Barry Yacht Club Sea Rowers were once again in action in Mumbles on Saturday 30th July. At an event hosted by Mumbles Amateur Rowing Club they competed in a 10 mile distance. The course starting close to Verdi’s Café, followed  the coast past Caswell and Langland Bays to Pwlll Du and back.

Following a determined row on the return leg to overhaul the Ferry Flyers and almost catching Mumbles Ladies on the line the Barry crew came a very creditable 7th out of 9 boats winning the Open Mixed Trophy.

The result was especially pleasing for the two novice rowers in the boat with only a handful of rows between them. Well done to Lisa Mair Jones and Ben Hitchcock for a great effort.

Thanks must also go to Jane Peters (cox) for continually encouraging the crew throughout the race and raising the level when it was needed.
The hospitality at Mumbles was second to none and everyone is now looking forward to the next opportunity to get back in the boat.

Ladies Doing  It for Themselves

Barry Sea Rowing Ladies were not going to let a little thing such as a lack of a boat stop them from entering the race of the sea rowing calendar at Wiseman’s Bridge near Saundersfoot.  After some pleas for help to the Sea Rowing community we were kindly offered the loan of a boat from our generous hosts Wiseman’s Bridge Rowing Club.
The ladies headed down West on what turned out to be a glorious sunny day with bright blue sparking sea to race on proving that the sun does always shine on race days.

The ladies race was the first of the day and we faced a particularly tricky beach start. Unfortunately due to close proximity of other boats at the start line we were involved in collision when another team had taken a course into the side of us!!

After a chaotic few minutes we managed to de-tangle our oars and our boat was off. 

The shaky start definitely cost dearly in terms of times but the ladies showed so much grit and determination that we clawed our way back into the race and we managed to hold off two other teams all the way through the course.

Everybody was well and truly spent when we crossed the finishing line in 14th place but the ladies had the race of their lives keeping well within the pack after the disappointing start. 

Sea rowing takes place in 24ft open fibreglass boats. With 4 rowers and a cox, the boats are designed for the various sea conditions experienced around the Welsh coast. Sea rowing is the fastest growing Welsh sport with over 120 boats rowing for pleasure and league racing on a regular basis.

So if you wish to have fun and keep fit, sea rowing is the sport.

For further information contact: Tony Peters, Rowing Captain.

Mobile No. 07828 057381




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