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Barry Yacht Club Sea Rowing Section aims to provide a fun and social way to enjoy the Barry and Vale of Glamorgan coast line... and the rest of the Welsh Coast. We do this through providing the equipment and guidance needed to allow our members to enjoy the sport of Celtic Long Boat rowing in a safe and rewarding way in some of the most beautiful locations in the UK. We are not a racing club although we do go racing and compete as hard as we can.

26th August 2018 Mermaid Race Cardigan.

Brilliant result from a majority new crew. Some of these rowers have only been rowing for a few months. This was an 11 miles race which took us around a quite choppy Cardigan Island. 12 Celtic boats took part. Aberporth 1st actual time 1hr 33.56 Newport 2nd actual time 1hr 36.02 Barry 3rd actual time 1hr 38.04 2nd Barry actual time 1hr 59.08

Cardigan Race 2018

We are members of the Welsh Sea Rowing Association and we take part in their Welsh racing league along with numerous other challenge events but most of our time on the water is spend enjoying the sport, the location and a good social atmosphere.

Sea rowing takes place in 24ft open fibreglass boats. With 4 rowers and a cox, the boats are designed for the various sea conditions experienced around the Welsh coast. Sea rowing is the fastest growing Welsh sport with over 120 boats rowing for pleasure and league racing on a regular basis.

So if you wish to have fun and keep fit, sea rowing is the sport.

For further information contact: Tony Peters, Rowing Captain.

Mobile No. 07828 057381



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