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2016 Race Schedule

30th April Channel Race Start 1200 HW1304 LW0648 Report & Results
14th May Points Race No.1 Start 1130 HW1340 LW0724 Report
28th May Points Race No.2 Start 0930 HW1149 LW1759 Report & Results
18th June Points Race No.3 Start 1630 HW1835 LW1224 Report & Results
22nd June Weekday Evening Series No.1 Start 1930 HW2108 Report & Results
25th June Holms Race Start 0830 HW1049 LW1657 Report & Results
6th July Weekday Evening Series No.2 Start 1930 HW2111 No Entries
9th July Points Race No.4 Start 0900 HW1053 LW1700 Report & Results
20th July Weekday Evening Series No.3 Start 1900 HW2011 No Entries
23rd July Helwick Race Start 1000 HW0952 LW1559 No Entries
30th July RNLI Pennant Race Start 1430 HW1641 LW1022 Report & Results
3rd August Weekday Evening Series No.4 Start 1900 HW2014 No Entries
6th August Kindly Light Race Start 1100 HW0948 LW1554 Report & Results
13th August BYC Regatta Start1230 HW1518 LW0857 Report & Results
18th August Weekday Evening Series No.5 Start 1830 HW1951 Cancelled
27th August Points Race No.6 Start 1300 HW1508 LW0846 Report & Results
10th September Highlight Race Start 1030 HW1309 LW1926 Report & Results
17th September Sam Davies Race Start 0900 HW0847 LW1453 Report & Results
8th October Old Sea Dogs Race Start 0930 HW1137 LW1749 Report & Results


Contact our Sailing Secretary Brian Dotchon for full details, advance information and additional forms
Tel: 01446 736668

You can download a race entry form here Race entry form

To view and download the new BYC Sailing Instructions 2013/2016click on the symbolSailin Rulles 2016


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