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Joining Barry Yacht Club

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Annual Charge
Individual Membership £345.00
Family Membership (Children up to 17) £419.00
Associate Membership (Non voting status) £107.00
Associated Rowing Membership £136.00
Associated Dinghy Membership £170.00
Cadet Membership (Ages 6-17) £ 28.00
Junior Membership (Ages 18-21) £117.00
Outport Membership (Over 40 miles radius of Barry) £ 77.00
Social Membership £ 50.00
Partner of any Member £ 40.00
Voluntary donation to the R.N.L.I £ 4.00
Maintenance Levy £ 46.00

The above prices includes the gate fob and door key to the Clubhouse /gates


Summer Mooring - per metre (Equivalent to £10.30/ft) £33.79
Summer Storage - per metre (Equivalent to £10.30/ft) £33.79
Winter Storage - per metre (Equivalent to £6.18/ft) £20.28
General Boat Owner Charge
(Use of boat trolley, travel hoist and storage space e.g. dinghies)
Temporary Moorings (up to 9.144M/30') £57.00 /month
Temporary Moorings (over 9.144M/30') £67.00 /month
Visiting Boats Ashore - per metre (Equivalent to £1.03/ft)
(for month only)
£ 3.38 per metre/month
Lift in and out of the water £57.00 - per lift
Please make cheques payable to Barry Yacht Club Ltd
Burgees, Lapel Badges, Caps etc are available from the Club Secretary

Applications for membership must be made in person and endorsed by Flag Officers.

Although this may sound daunting, it's quite simple really.

Either come along on a Friday night and introduce yourself

or contact us first so that we can make sure someone is waiting to greet you.

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