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Each year the Dockmaster delegates to BYC the authority to allocate to members mooring berths in the western sector of the Pierhead Harbour. Trot moorings extend along the western sea wall from directly in front of the clubhouse for small shallow draft boats, to moorings for larger craft nearer the harbour entrance.

Closer in shore, below the mole separating the Lady Windsor lock from the outer harbour, there is space for more club moorings, most of which dry to a soft mud but are still suitable for fin keel yachts.

West Bank

To seaward lie some commercial moorings, now managed by BYC.

The Club currently has a number of drying moorings available suitable for boats up to 10m. Most moorings within the harbour dry to soft mud with access at least HW+/-3hrs.

Arrangements can be made with the Moorings Officer for boats to be left at Barry.

Whilst there are no designated visitors mooring at present, many Club members will accommodate visitors mooring alongside. However, visitors must seek permission first and not leave their boats unattended overnight.

Harbour View

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